MK Footwear PLC Stiching Section Information

Stitching section

MK Footwear stitching section plays a vital role in manufacturing, and its efficiency and attention to detail directly impact the quality of the final product.

Stitching section

Skilled Workforce

Trained and skilled more than 1000 workers who have expertise in operating sewing machines. These workers must have an eye for detail and precision to ensure high-quality stitching.

Machineries & Technology

Specialized sewing machines designed for different types of stitching, such as Auto stich machines, Pattern machines, Metal detectors lockstitch, chainstitch, double-needle stitching, single-needle stitching etc. There are more than 1000 pcs of machines.

Quality Control

Dedicated quality control team that inspects each shoe to ensure that the stitching is consistent and free from defects. This step is crucial to identify and rectify any issues before the shoes proceed to the next stage of production.

Safety Measures

Since stitching involves the use of machines and sharp tools, safety measures are paramount. The stitching section must have proper safety protocols in place to protect workers from accidents and injuries.

Production Line Information

24 production lines. The length of each line is 18 meter.

Origin of Machineries and Brand

Machineries of the stitching section are from China. Brand names are Sophie Nia, golden wheel, cheng feng etc.

Production Capacity

7500 pairs per day